Jesse Yardley, co-fondatore e presidente della società di fotografi Defrost, ci ha inviato questo suo bellissimo shot e una descrizione della storia della società emergente, della modella nello scatto, e del make up artist.

“Ok, I didn’t have my camera on a tripod for this shot (just took three quick snaps at the end) so my framing isn’t exactly the way I’d like. Over all though, the Photoshop gods have been kind and I was able to make a go of it.” 

About society:

Defrost Network ( is a community for creative professionals including designers, photographers, models, artists etc. The Calgary Photographers Group (Collective D) is a group within Defrost. We have been organizing group photoshoots since the summer of 2007. These shoots are a collaborative process and involve 10-15 people on average. The shot above shot would not have been possible if it weren’t for the co-operation of the group in donating props, building the set, sharing equipment, and splitting the costs of building materials. Each of our shoots revolves around a theme or concept that is prearranged. The idea here was to create a monochromatic set whereby the model would stand out by contrasting color with the background. To kick it up a notch, the resulting shots where merged and post-processed in Photoshop to create something a little more visually appealing. 

About the model:

 “Hello! My name is Arianaisha and I am a model/actress and someday hope to pursue a singing career! I picked this career because I am very interested in the entertainment industry and began with modelling at the age of 14. I was always told by people that I met that I “should be a model” or “You must be a model”. So, after hearing it over and over again I thought I may as well try it! I found I felt very comfortable in front of a camera and really enjoyed it! So, i guess the career kinda choose me ! So, I would like to travel overseas and hopefully this career will open other doors for me as well!” 

About the make up artist  (Niki Pears)

Q: The riskiest thing I’ve ever done…

Dropping the normal work world to go back to school. This is where I strayed from the profit for the love of art and design. This move is what landed me as a freelance makeup/hair artist.

Q: My role model…

I don’t know if I would say role model, but I definitely admire both Karl Lagerfeld and Henry Rollins. Mainly I think because they are both very opinionated and know what they want. Combine that with their creativity and business sense and you get a killer combination.

Q: What I’ve learned over the year…

Ask for what you want, if you don’t get it work your ass off until you do.


4 pensieri su “Communi-Defrost

  1. It´s wonderful to have a site like this where you can find and post growing/brand new artists, designers, models…everything related to fashion…I have a link where everybody can find beautiful examples of fashion art from an artist call Erregiro…He does make up, he is a hair dresser, photographer, stylist…he paints, customizes Blythes…etc…here´s the link:



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