Disegna corsetti il giovane Marcelo, si crogiola al caldo e generoso solo brasiliano e sogna di calcare le passerelle francesi. Ha solo 20 anni ma si ispira allo stile elisabettiano e vittoriano.Crea piccoli gioielli moderni, utilizzando vecchi stili impero.E ama le curve femminili, tanto da dedicar loro ogni creazione.Ed è pure un cosmaker, dato che disegna Cosplays.In pratica, abiti per gente che ama vestirsi come gli eroi manga o anime.Adora, neanche a dirlo, Galliano e Viviènne Westwood e sogna di diventare come loro.I sogni son desideri, magari diverranno realtà.In bocca al lupo, piccolo Marcelo. ABOUT ME… I’m 20 years old, from Brazil, living in a state named Ceará, in Fortaleza city.
I’m not in the college by now… i’ve been trying 2 years since 2006 get in a university of the State, but now i’ll go to Marist Fashion College, one of the bests here.
My work it’s been in the area of fashion, but in some different ways, i work as CORSETIÉR, one really rare profession, I make moderns corset for tight-lacing using old tecniches from the elizabethan, victorian and edwardian eras… I  really LOVE this job, I’m completely fascinate for the forms and courves of the corset, and i also wear then too !!
 Another thing i’ve being doing it’s my work as Cosmaker, someone who makes COSPLAYS, clothes for persons who like to dress themselvs like some famous personage of Manga, or Anime, from the japanese culture, or some character from the science fiction…. i also have some pictures at my flickr, the last ones, that “angel” is a character from Sakura Card captors !! I’m completely fascinated about everything in HIGH fashion, i think in fashion as a way of PURE art, the jobs of master like Galliano, or McQueen, or Westwood, Dior… all of them are like Gods for me, somene who i inspire myself… I love arts in general vision too, Paints, Sculpture, Flowers, decorations, Cars ( XD  Belive or not, i REALLY love cars, that ones completely chromed, i thinks it GORGEOUS !!! ^^  i know i’m a bit crazy )  I work too hard and fight for my dream, i wish one day be there, in a couture house in Paris. making wHAT my idols do now, i read a LOT about our area, magazines, books (more of then bought at xD ), see a LOT of videos…And I EVER try to get the more number of informations every single day, this is the secret (i think) get MORE AND MORE ever, and I’ll die fighting for my dream, and my hope will never die.  ABOUT PICS…“I love them because they’re so fluid, so sweet, like a flower on the wind,
i like this kind os shape, Little waist, with really tight corsets, and after a big skirt with much lays of fabric.

This pictures are a bit old, i’ve made them in the midlle of last year, past collection. but i still in love for this forms. and this collor are in fashion by now.
My inspiration to make this collection was one of Galliano couture shows, and the collor come from the movie ‘Memoirs of a Gueisha’  sweet pink, and much tones of green”.





2 pensieri su “Communi-Marcelo…cosmaker!

  1. Oh my Gosh !! i’m so happy to see my job here !! i really thanks for the opportunity, it’s so cool to see your job been notice around the world, really really proud!! Thank a lot Giudy.


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