Specialità: “One-of-a-kind pieces made with vintage fabrics”, in pratica la ventiseienne Nicole confeziona abiti vintage unici, solo un capo per ogni sua fantasia. Deliziosi nei particolari, profumano di bouquet primaverili i suoi abiti. Fiocchini e pezzettini di patchwork danno unicità a ogni sua creazione, rendendola adatta anche a una serata particolare. City-chic il suo stile, di ispirazione collegiale i tagli, country-smart le applicazioni artigianalmente cucite sui tessuti. Un trionfo di colori, una cura particolare dei particolari, uno stile delizioso e candy-pop.

 Nicole Rae Styer always knew she’d do something creative. The daughter of a visual merchandiser and a house painter, Styer grew up working in her grandmother’s South Street boutique. “When I was little, I was always creating stuff for myself to wear or just because making it was fun for me,” she says. Though she’s worked hard to achieve her goals, including having her work shown in Fashion Week last year, success came quickly for Styer. While still studying mixed media at UArts, she was selling her wares at a few local boutiques as well as making the rounds on the craft fair circuit. What sets her work apart from the plethora of other Philly designers is her attention to detail and commitment to the unique. Since she specializes in layering vintage fabrics with hand-beading and custom stitch work, no two Nicole Rae Styer pieces are exactly the same. Though she occasionally employs interns from local art schools, Styer does the majority of work herself. “Once I start going, there’s fabric all around. I work kind of fast. The most time I spend is more creating it in my head,” the Fishtown resident says. Though she’s previously focused only on womenswear, she recently branched out. Her collection now includes children’s items and men’s dress shirts and ties.




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