Torna per Communifashion, la sorella di Danah, di cui avevamo già parlato in un post precedente per le sue creazioni di “moda sociale”, che avevano riscosso un così grande successo tra i nostri appassionati blogger. Lo scouting di C.F. si è espanso e abbiamo deciso di intervistare Rania (Samharra), ventisettenne palestinese ma canadese di adozione, stilista free-lance e coordinatrice dell’Ottawa Fashion Week.

Non ha uno stile predefinito, semplicemente odia gli accostamenti banali.

Un bounce continuo fra tagli, epoche, stili, che rendono Samharra mai banale.

 Are you a stylist, a photographer or a model???  I am a wardrobe stylist. Whats your name, where are you from and How old are you?  My name is Rania Abdulla and I am 27 years old. What’s your work?  I am a freelance wardrobe stylist, photo shoot/packaging artwork/Ottawa Fashion Week Coordinator.What’s your stile or anti-style?  I don’t stick to one style, I just go with what inspires me at the moment. I like unique pieces that you can almost create a canvas with.Anti-style: tackiness, trying too hard to achive a certain look. No style (what I mean by that is khaki pants and a black shirt-too plain even for Jane!)

What else about you? 

I have a 19 months old son, names Ramsay, he keeps me very busy and drives me crazy. I love him to death. 

 About fashion career…I went to LaSalle College in Fashion Design intesive program, obtained my diploma and went on to university in Fashion Industrial Management at UQAM also in Montreal.I then went on to work for Buffalo Jeans in the prodcution department, for URban Rags-a clothing importer- in the merchandising department and for Giant Tiger-discount chain store-in the buying department. Afte4r maternity leave, I switched to the marketing department where I coordinate artwork and photo shoots for product packaging.I have also done major work with the Canadian International Modeling Agency (CIMA). I was head of the creative department and have done work such as portfolio work, styling/ccordinating fashion shows and other major events. I have since stepped down to concentrate on coordinating Ottawa Fashion WEek. I had some of my work showcased in Substance Magazine (in the form of editorials, cover pages and boutique ads), Toronto Exclusive Magazine and on some independant designer promotional sites. My latest work was the creating the promotional identity of Ottawa Fashion Week. About pics…

For my work I always try to reminese about an era in history or a moment in one’s life so we can get a feel from it.

For the piano pic, I feel like it was a late night, some time in the 1930’s and Jocelyn (the model) had her heart broken.

For the Kerry purple dress, Kerry (the model) is preparing for her prom in the 1980’s.
For the sword pic, Elena (the model), was posing for a canvas in the 1920’s.
For the OFW banner, Kerry (the model) was in the rain in the fall in the 1940’s.







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