Victoria realizza casalinghi da portare, gioielli in argento preziosi per il senso che veicolano.Ama le teiere, i pezzi di legno e colore dopo aver temperato una matita, il volo di un aeroplanino di carta. Fluttuante, un po’ Peter Pan un po’ creativa ricercata questa australiana dall’animo dolce.L’amore per il dettaglio l’ha riversato sugli oggetti quotidiani, appesi in bilico a una catenina e aggrappati alla pelle di chi come lei per indossare sogni, non ama esagerare ed esibire sogni irrealizzabili ma piuttosto ama indossare piccoli pezzettini di dolce casa. 

My name is Victoria Mason and i am a jeweller.
I’ve been working from a studio in Melbourne, Australia for the past 5
years and i am 34 years old.
Other designs can be seen at
/What’s your work?/
I make a (growing) collection of silver jewellery modelled on household
objects. Some I make in miniature, like the peg, spoon and teacup
earrings and others, like the pencil sharpening pendant, I made in
true-life scale.
I wanted to celebrate those beautiful details you can only appreciate
when you slow down enough to notice little things, like the pleasure of
eating or sharpening all of your pencils and ending up with a beautiful
pile of colour and wood.
/What’s your stile or anti-style?/
My jewellery is not particularly flashy. The pieces can seem quite
understated because you’ve seen the cup, chair etc. a thousand times,
only now it’s made of silver. The fact that they are so familiar is what
I think makes them beautiful too. How could you not love a pencil
sharpening, or a spoon, or marvel at a peg’s design?
/What else about you?/
When I buy things, I get the most pleasure from those items that have a
bit of character, perhaps handmade or limited run. I like to think that
other people look for that too and perhaps they see something in my work
that tells them it’s been handmade by someone who likes ordinary things
like they do.
what about the sense, the style, the work&technique you used to
construct them,etc…/
_sharpening necklace_
I took about 6 months to make the first sharpening and i sharpened a LOT
of pencils. It was a challenge to make something that is so fragile into
a sculpture that is strong enough to be worn as jewellery. After making
each piece i use a very fine bruh to paint on the coloured edge.
_paper plane_
i made about 4 versions of the paper plane before i was happy. I asked a
couple of friends to make me a plane out of paper – it’s amazing just
how many designs there are..and tricks! like a paperclip or blutac to
weigh down the nose. So this is a love-child of all those designs.”




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