The concept behind the Hetty Rose brand is based on a theory of re-using and re-working vintage materials in a creative and sustainable way, hand making shoes to fit. Hetty Rose is a passionate bespoke footwear company with a clear brand philosophy; to make an environmental statement in an aesthetically pleasing way. 
The conceptual collection of shoes and accessories are completely hand made using mainly reclaimed, recycled and vintage materials. These are primarily vintage Japanese kimono fabrics, each holding different meanings shown by their use of colour and design. The designer hand selects the most exquisite fabrics from Japan to use as uppers for shoes and creating unique footwear. These are then skillfully combined with hand crafted wooden heels, recycled leather and natural leather soles creating modern stylish footwear.


The designs are simple yet provocative, with colour being the overriding attraction to the shoes. This collaboration of colour, materials, service and directional design, result in unique, wearable footwear. Hetty Rose shoes appeal to the individual who craves authentic and individual products to enrich their life.


The hand made-to-order range includes a number of styles, and can be made in a selection of vivid kimono print fabrics. Every process of the development of each product is entirely hand crafted by Henrietta in her workshop. By offering a unique product and personal service, founder of Hetty Rose, Henrietta Rose Samuels seeks to raise awareness of hand crafted footwear made in Britain.


Hetty Rose endeavors to exceed consumer’s expectations by offering a sought-after bespoke service, celebrating that everybody is different with individual desires.

Prices for shoes are from £260 and bags are £135. Please allow 6 weeks for Henrietta to cut, stitch and make your individual shoes.


Hetty Rose showcased their new Kimono Collection at Estethica at London Fashion Week, September 2007 and at Pret a Porter Exhibition in Paris in January 2008.


The collection can be viewed online at







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